Be My Gal (My Brightest Spark)


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Roger Taylor - instruments
other musicians - instruments
  • Length: m:ss



Fun On Earth, 2013


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Be my partner
Be my pal
Be my gal

Be my rock
Be my friend
Till the end

You have become my Joan of Arc
My fine design
My sleeping lion, the one who’ll fight my demons
In the dark - my brightest spark

You have brought down my darkest fears
I lay awake
My hopes and tears, and you can break the blinds
That blind my eyes and ears

And you can slake the thirst that burns me
In the night
The twists and turns, I’m yours to sooth, console
Heal the bruises - make me whole

Be my partner
Would ya, be my pal
Would ya, be my gal?

Be my rock
Be my friend
Till the end