No One But You (Only The Good Die Young)


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Brian May - lead and backing vocals, piano, guitar
Roger Taylor - lead and backing vocals, drums
John Deacon - bass guitar
  • Length: 4:14



Queen Rocks, 1997
Greatest Hits III, 1999


No One But You (Only The Good Die Young, 1998

Alternate Versions:

  • Viva Television Demo - Unreleased

Queen Talks

Brian responds to a question about the cover to the 'No One But You' single.

"I kind of thought that everybody knew that story, but I should perhaps mention it, because it was part of the inspiration of the song really. It's a Greek myth in which Daedalus and Icarus, his son, are imprisoned in a castle, and the only way out is upwards, as they're in the middle of the sea. So they make wings out of feathers, birds feathers and wax, and attach them to themselves, and they fly out and escape the castle. I think it's on Crete, and the legend says that Icarus was so excited and exulted, that he flew too high, too close to the sun, and his wax melted and he fell into the sea. So it's a very interesting symbolic tale that has a lot to do with the song, as you will realise when you hear it."

Brian May - 16/11/1997, Pop On the Line


Cover Versions

Chords & Tabs

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A hand above the water
An angel reaching for the sky
Is it raining in heaven
Do you want us to cry?

And everywhere the broken-hearted
On every lonely avenue
No-one could reach them
No-one but you

One by one
Only the good die young
They're only flying too close to the sun
And life goes on
Without you

Another tricky situation
I get to drowning in the blues
And I find myself thinking
Well, what would you do?

Yes, it was such an operation
Forever paying every due
Hell, you made a sensation (sensation)
You found a way through (found a way through)

One by one
Only the good die young
They're only flying too close to the sun
We'll remember

And now the party must be over
I guess we'll never understand
The sense of your leaving
Was it the way it was planned?

So we grace another table
And raise our glasses one more time
There's a face at the window
And I ain't never, never saying goodbye

One by one
Only the good die young
They're only flying too close to the sun
Crying for nothing
Crying for no-one
No-one but you