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Freddie Mercury - A Kind Of Magic

Year: 1991

Author: Ross Clarke

Publisher: Kingsfleet Publications

ISBN: 1-874130-01-9

Price: £8.95

Details: 110 pages, mainly pics

The Show Must Go On

Year: 1992

Author: Rick Sky

Publisher: Fontana

ISBN: 0-00-637843-9

Price: £4.99

Details: 179 pages; This revealing biography of Freddie Mercury, one of rock music's greatest showmen, tells of the two women in his life and his desire to conceal his bisexuality in spite of having AIDS for the last five years of his life.

This Is The Real Life

Year: 1992

Author: David Evans & David Minns

Publisher: Britannia Press

ISBN: 0-9519937-1-2

Price: £8.99

Details: 158 pages, plus 8 pages of colour & b&w photos

Mercury And Me

Year: 1994

Author: Jim Hutton with Tim Wapshott

Publisher: Bloomsbury

ISBN: 0-7475-1922-6

Price: £14.99

Details: 211 pages; The relationship between Freddie Mercury and Jim Hutton evolved over several months in 1984 and 1985. Even when they first slept together Button had no idea who Mercury was, and when the star told him his name it meant nothing to him. Hutton worked as a barber at the Savoy Hotel and retained his job and his lodgings in Sutton, Surrey, for two years after moving in with Mercury, and then worked as his gardener. He was never fully assimilated into Mercury's jet-setting lifestyle, nor did he want to be, but from 1985 until Mercury's death in 1991 he was closer to him than anyone and knew all Mercury's closest friends: the other members of Queen, Elton John, David Bowie, Phil Collins to name a few. Ever present at the countless Sunday lunch gatherings and opulent parties, Hutton has a wealth of anecdotes about as well as a deep understanding of, Mercury's life. He also nursed Mercury through his terminal illness, often held him throughout the night in his final weeks, and was with him as he died. No one can tell the story of the last few years of Mercury's private life - the ecstasies and the agonies - more accurately or honestly than Jim Hutton.

Mercury - The King Of Queen

Year: 1996

Author: Laura Jackson

Publisher: Smith Gryphon

ISBN: 1-85685-111-7

Price: £16.99

Details: 212 pages; In 1996, Freddie Mercury would have been 50 years old. November 1996 also marks the fifth anniversary of his untimely and tragic death. Written by the author of "Queen & I: The Brian May Story", this biography contains previously unseen photographs of Freddie at play, supplied especially for this book by some of his closest friends. Intimate stories by those who knew him give a look at his life and times, both with and without Queen. There are exclusive interviews with Sir Tim Rice, with whom Freddie co-wrote tracks for "Barcelona", with Malcolm McLaren, Peter Stringfellow, Michael Buerk, Simon Bates, Fish, Gary Glitter, Paul Young, Zandra Rhodes, Joe Elliott, Bruce Dickinson and David Essex. Laura Jackson is the author of "Golden Stone", an investigation of the life and murder of Rolling Stone Brian Jones.

Mister Mercury

Year: 1998

Author: Peter Freestone

Publisher: Tusitala

ISBN: 0 9533341 0 4

Price: £20

Details: 259 pages, plus an insert of 32 pages of photos

Freddie Mercury: The Definitive Biography

Year: 1998

Author: Lesley-Ann Jones

Publisher: Coronet Books

ISBN: 0340672099


Details: 480 pages; This biography aims to deconstruct the myths surrounding Queen's lead singer and provide an intimate portrayal of Freddie's life and death. From his birthplace in Zanzibar to his final home in London, the author interviews the key people in Mercury's life.

The Mercury Man: Freddie Mercury in my Life

Year: 2004

Author: Mary Howis

Publisher: Apex Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1904444180


Details: 160 pages; On November 24, 1991 people all over the world mourned the untimely death of Freddie Mercury, lead singer of rock band Queen. But for the author, Mary Howis, her life would never be the same, as, from that day forward, she was aware of a strange presence around her; someone from the spirit world – the spirit that once was Freddie Mercury, known in the spirit world as The Mercury Man. Mary had been chosen for a special mission – to be an instrument for the spirit world, for Freddie, through which they could communicate. But why her? Why someone who, until the news reports of Freddie Mercury’s death, had never even heard of him? Mary tells the story of her spiritual journey of discovery from disbelief, self-doubt and denial to an absolute conviction that what she was experiencing was real, the messages she was receiving were true, and they were proof that life continues after death; that Freddie was still alive, in spirit form, and had much knowledge to impart to the world. Despite the ridicule she might face, Mary knew that she was destined to write this book, to tell her story – Freddie’s story – to the world, in the hope that it would bring comfort and hope to those who are suffering in their earthly bodies, who are grieving for loved ones, who are fearful of death. The message is clear: death is not the end; it is a new and exciting beginning.

Freddie Mercury

Year: 2008

Author: Selim Rauer

Publisher: Fayard

ISBN: 2213635692


Details: 340 pages; French

Killer Queen: The Freddie Mercury Story

Year: 2008

Author: Roy Gyongy Fox (Author), Thom Lessner (Illustrator)


ISBN: 1601671482


Details: 68 pages

Freddie Mercury Con La Fuerza De UN Huracan

Year: 2008

Author: Maribel Rodriguez Soriano


ISBN: 1601671482


Details: 208 pages; Spanish

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