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Despite the myriad excellent websites out there which detail – often in excruciating, painstaking detail – we here at Queenpedia felt it was necessary to integrate information about Queen's live performances. While this section is really just a "dumping ground" for information collected from other sites, it's highly recommended that you visit the websites listed below for more comprehensive and in-depth information.

As always, this section is a perpetual, and likely permanent, work in progress. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.


1950 - 1959
1960 - 1969
1970 - 1979
1980 - 1989
1990 - 1999
2000 - 2009
2010 - present

The Queen Performance Index

An index to the first and most recent live performance of every song officially released by Queen, as well as non-album B-sides and covers.

The Solo Performance Index

Separated into solo sections, and includes Queen + Paul Rodgers.


Contains information about instruments used live by Queen and its members over the years.

A note about bootlegs

Queenpedia doesn't officially endorse bootleg recordings. Anything in the Recordings subsection is merely for a point of reference and was used by the contributors to this section for research purposes only. Please do not contact Queenpedia asking how or where to obtain bootlegs.


The following sites are absolutely essential for anyone who wants to discover more about Queen and their live performances. This Gigography section would be nothing without the dedicated hard work of the people behind the following websites, so please check them out for pertinent information:

  • Queen Concerts: basically, everything you ever wanted to know about Queen and solo concerts, from pre-Queen concerts all the way up to present day. Additionally, contains information about instruments used, support acts, the road crew, and memorabilia – and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Martin Skàla has dedicated his life to making sure information about Queen's concerts is 100% correct, and there really is no way to top what he has provided...
  • Bob's Queen Live Page: ...except for Bob Wegner's Queen page, which goes into even further detail, highlighting existing and available recordings of Queen shows from 1970 to 1986, with a detailed analysis of bootlegs (including stage banter and explanations of set lists) and images from nearly every show. And of course there's the excellent discussion of the Live Killers sources, which attempts to date exactly which shows each song from that album comes from.
  • Thomas Zeidler's page: Austrian journalist Thomas Zeidler started up this site back in 2005, just before Queen + Paul Rodgers hit the road, and he's essentially been to nearly every gig since. Contains detailed set lists and breaking news related to Q+PR, plus a nifty little stats page outlining what songs were played on the 2008 tour.
  • Andy's Queen Concertography: though Andy stopped updating his website back in 1999, the Concertography (which is still online, as is his discography) was where it all started. Some of the information is now old and has been corrected by Martin and Bob on their respective sites, but it's still a nice resource to have.
  • Queen Live: A Concert Documentary: written by Greg Brooks, who is now Queen's archivist, this book was first published in 1995 and was a Holy Grail to fans and collectors alike, containing detailed information about set lists and a complete bootleg discography. Throughout the years, websites like Martin's and Bob's popped up and, through excellent research by collectors, a lot of the initial mistakes were corrected, though several still slipped through for the second edition, published in 2004. Regardless, it's still a worthy resource should be in every Queen fan's library. Order it here (Amazon US) and here (Amazon UK).