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Queen - An Official Biography Plus Their Recent U.S. Royal Tour

Year: 1976

Author: Larry Pryce

Publisher: Star Books

ISBN: 0352397462

Price: £0.50

Details: 124 pages, 8 pages b&w photos


Year: 1976

Author: George Tremlett

Publisher: Futura

ISBN: 860074129

Price: £0.50

Details: 142 pages, 16 pages b&w photos

Queen - The First Ten Years

Year: 1981

Author: Mike West

Publisher: Babylon Books

ISBN: 0907188079


Details: 112 pages, colour and b&w photos

Queen - An Illustrated Biography

Year: 1981

Author: Judith Davis

Publisher: Proteus Publishing Limited

ISBN: 0906071917


Details: 96 pages, colour and b&w photos

Queen's Greatest Pix

Year: 1981

Author: Jacques Lowe

Publisher: Quartet

ISBN: 07043333899


Details: 96 pages, colour photos

Gluttons For Punishment - The South America Tours 1981

Year: 1982

Author: Peter Lubin




Details: 80 pages with photos

Queen - The First Twelve Years

Year: 1984

Author: Mike West

Publisher: Babylon Books

ISBN: 0907188222


Details: 88 pages, colour and b&w photos

Queen - A Visual Documentary

Year: 1986

Author: Ken Dean

Publisher: Omnibus Press

ISBN: 071108575



Queen - A Magic Tour

Year: 1987


Publisher: Sidgwick & Jackson

ISBN: 0283994886


Details: 96 pages, lots of b&w and colour photos

Queen's Greatest Pix II

Year: 1991

Author: Designed by Richard Gray

Publisher: IMP

ISBN: 0863598072


Details: 96 pages, colour and b&w photos

Queen - The New Visual Documentary

Year: 1991

Author: Ken Dean

Publisher: Omnibus

ISBN: 0711928282


Details: 128 pages

Queen Unseen

Year: 1992

Author: Peter K. Hogan

Publisher: UFO Books

ISBN: 1873884117


Details: 48 pages, rare photos

Queen - As It Began

Year: 1992

Author: Jacky Gunn and Jim Jenkins

Publisher: Sidgwick & Jackson / IMP

ISBN: 0330332597

Price: £14.99

Details: 281 pages; The tragic death of Freddie Mercury heralded the end of one of the most important and influential rock bands of all time. Queen were undisputed rock royalty, the group that sprang from the glam rock era of the early 1970s to outlast all their glittering contemporaries. In the process they rewrote all the rules in the music business, from the six-minute mini-opera Bohemian Rhapsody to playing stadiums across South America. This book, based on exclusive interviews with band members, their families and friends, is the chronicle of Queen's history. Frank and fearless, it is packed with personal and revelatory details and is illustrated with photographs never before published. It covers everything from the humble beginnings when Brian May made his own guitar, to the heady days of international fame and the final sad months when Freddie Mercury knew he was fighting a battle against AIDS that he could not win.

Queen - In Their Own Words

Year: 1992

Author: Mick St Michael

Publisher: Omnibus

ISBN: 0711930147


Details: 112 pages; A compilation of quotations by the rock group Queen. They range from their early days to the Aids related death of singer Freddie Mercury in 1991.

These Are The Days Of Our Lives

Year: 1992

Author: Stephen Ryder

Publisher: Kingsfleet

ISBN: 1874130124


Details: 238 pages; The story of the rock and roll band Queen from college days to the death of Freddie Mercury.

Queen: Tear-Out Photo Book

Year: 1993


Publisher: Oliver Books

ISBN: 1 870049 48 9


Details: 40 Pages

The Complete Guide To The Music Of Queen

Year: 1994

Author: Peter K Hogan

Publisher: Omnibus Press (Mar 1994)

ISBN: 0711935262


Details: 136 pages; A consumers' guide to the music of Queen which is an album by album run down of everything they recorded during their 20 year career. It includes: details of how the group was formed in 1971; information on when and where their music was written and recorded; a critical consumers' guide to Queen's back catalogue; a comprehensive Queen biography; and a complete discography.


Year: 1994

Author: Mick St. Michael

Publisher: Orion mass market paperback (3 Mar 1994)

ISBN: 1857975898


Details: 120 pages; This book pays tribute to the band in words and pictures from Smile, an early, unknown rock band formed by Brian May and Roger Taylor, to the all-star tribute staged at Wembley Stadium to mark the death of the lead singer Freddie Mercury. The hit "Bohemian Rhapsody" shot them to superstardom and made video history by launching the rock video concept. Their career went from strength to strength drawing crowds to their concerts and attracting massive record sales. Their performance at "Live Aid" was critically acclaimed and a swansong for Freddie Mercury who came off the road for good in 1986. His death shocked the whole world and an all-star tribute attracted stars ranging from Elton John and Guns N' Roses to Def Leppard and Liza Minnelli.

Rock Lives: The Ultimate Story: Freddie Mercury & Queen

Year: 1995

Author: Neville Marten and Jeffrey Hudson

Publisher: Faber and Faber (30 Nov 1995)

ISBN: 1860740405


Details: 125 pages; Rock Lives is a major new series which takes a fully illustrated in-depth look at major artists & bands which have contributed significantly to the development of r ock music. This title focuses on Freddie Mercury and Queen.

Queen - The Full Picture

Year: 1995

Author: Denis O'Regan

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC (23 Nov 1995)

ISBN: 0747524750


Details: 192 pages; This is a photographic record of Queen's career. The book includes rare photographs going back to the early 1970s.

Queen - The Early Years

Year: 1995

Author: Mark Hodkinson

Publisher: Omnibus Press (16 Oct 1995)

ISBN: 9-781844-490127

Price: £12.95

Details: 207 pages; Most groups struggle for years in relative poverty until success beckons. Queen were different. This book reveals how all four members of the group could have gone on to become successful in other fields. Guitarist Brian May and bassist John Deacon as physicists; drummer Roger Taylor, who came from a well-to-do family, as a dentist; and Freddie Mercury as a clothes designer.

Queen Live - A Concert Documentary

Year: 1995

Author: Greg Brooks

Publisher: Omnibus Press (24 Jul 1995)

ISBN: 0711948143


Details: 176 pages; A complete run down of every Queen concert performed anywhere in the world. This book starts with their earliest concerts in 1970 and takes the Queen story right up to the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert at Wembley Stadium in 1993.

Queen - Made In Heaven - The Lyrics

Year: 1995


Publisher: International Music Publications Limited

ISBN: 1-85909-331-0


Details: Lyric book including photos of Freddie's hand written lyrics to A Winter's Tale and Mother Love

Mick Rock - A Photographic Record - 1969-1982

Year: 1995

Author: Mick Rock

Publisher: Century 22 Publisher

ISBN: 0 90793 811 6


Details: lots of b/w and color photos

Queen - The Secret Revealed

Year: 1997

Author: Melina Richmond

Publisher: Magic Publications Ltd. (Oct 1997)

ISBN: 0953122506

Price: £12.99

Details: 174 pages; Melina Richmond's life, from childhood through to adulthood, was something of a tragedy played out before uncaring parents, cruel lovers and a husband who tormented her both physically and mentally. But throughout this life she claims to have heard the comforting voice of a long-dead soldier in her head.

The plot thickens when Freddie Mercury, superstar of super-band Queen, died after suffering from AIDS in 1991 and almost immediately contacted Richmond from beyond the grave. And what's more, she believes the voice she hears when she talks to Freddie is the voice of the soldier she has heard in her head since childhood and that the bond they formed in a past life has followed them into this one.

In It's a Kind of Magic, Richmond attempts to prove that Freddie is with her, tracking down his old acquaintances and adversaries to test their reactions to the voice in her head and drawing on familiar Queen lyrics and other writings by and about Freddie Mercury to establish that, even before his death, he was in some way trying to make spiritual contact with her.

It is left to the individual reader to decide whether It's a Kind of Magic is simply the bizarre blatherings of a woman disturbed by her own upbringing and experiences, or whether Richmond is indeed some kind of guardian angel appointed by one of the most peculiarly charismatic and enigmatic icons of the 20th Century to tell his story. Either way, Melinda Richardson tells an outrageously intriguing, if rather rambling, tale that Freddie Mercury afficianados will clamour to read. --Susan Harrison (Amazon.co.uk)

The Novel of Queen - The Eye

Year: 1997

Author: Paul Darrow

Publisher: Boxtree

ISBN: 0-7522-0371-1

Price: £6.99

Details: A novel "inspired by the computer action game Queen - The Eye". The author is best known for his role as Avon in the early 1980s BBC sci-fi series Blakes Seven.

Innuendoes - Queen and Freddie Mercury

Year: 1998

Author: S.V. Livingstone

Publisher: HomeLand Productions (1 Oct 1998)

ISBN: 0953118975


Details: 396 pages; Queen's History etc. Music, concert dates, personal stuff, life history and obviously that Fairy Tale is included in there as well - but beware, because as Freddie says, if you try to figure it all out "You Might Get Fried"...

The Ultimate Queen

Year: 1998

Author: Peter Lewry & Nigel Goodall

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Ltd. (UK) (Oct 1999)

ISBN: 0684868377

Price: £17.99

Details: 256 pages; An encyclopaedia about the English rock band, "Queen", this book contains over 3000 entries in an easy to use format. Band biographies and a chronology of important dates in the career of "Queen" are included; managers, promoters and tour personnel are discussed; there are details of their concert tours, radio and TV appearances; and a list of every "Queen" record ever made is included, to make this a complete discography.

Queen: The Definitive Biography

Year: 1999

Author: Laura Jackson

Publisher: Piatkus Books (7 Oct 1999)

ISBN: 07499 20297


Details: 320 pages; Laura Jackson has interviewed members of Queen, many of their close friends, and several of the world's leading rock musicians to turn the spotlight on the private lives, professional struggles and personal triumphs of the band.

God Save My Queen: A Tribute

Year: 2003

Author: Daniel Nester

Publisher: Soft Skull Press, U.S. (1 Jul 2003)

ISBN: 1887128271

Price: £8.99

Details: 140 pages; Daniel Nester is clearly not alone in his adoration of this seminal band. And yet this lyrical collection of essays - one for every song recorded by the band in chronological order, from the 1973 debut through to Hot Space, their 1982 flopped "disco" album - is truly a unique creation. Part memoir, part prose poetry, part rock book, Nester draws connections between everyone from Liza Minelli and Leni Riefenstahl to Billie Jean King, touching on Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury's shared kiss in 1981 and ranting about Courtney Love's giggling over Kurt Cobain's mention of Freddie Mercury in his suicide note. Together, the entries for each song add up to a love letter to a band and to a time when all that mattered was a record player and a pair of headphones.

Complete Works

Year: 2006

Author: Georg Purvis

Publisher: Reynolds & Hearn Ltd (26 Nov 2006)

ISBN: 190528733X

Price: £17.99

Details: 424 pages; Mixing and clashing an outrageously eclectic set of influences—the close harmonies of the Beatles, the guitar pyrotechnics of Jimi Hendrix, the heavy sound of Led Zeppelin, and the glamour of David Bowie—Queen found a winning formula by channeling this strange cocktail through its charismatic frontman, Freddie Mercury. More than a decade after Mercury's death, Queen's fan base continues to grow. This meticulous, session-by-session, album-by-album, tour-by-tour chronicle of the band is the book that Queen fans have been waiting for.

Classic Queen

Year: 2007

Author: Mick Rock

Publisher: Sterling (1 Oct 2007)

ISBN: 1402751923

Price: $24.95

Details: 192 pages; Quirky melodies, flamboyant style, and unforgettable vocal harmonies made Queen one of the most iconic bands of all time. This series of photographs documents the spectacularly productive artistic relationship between Mick Rock and Queen during the 1970’s. Hailed as “the man who shot the ‘70s,” Mick launched his career chronicling the rise and fall of Ziggy Stardust, and moved on to photograph Lou Reed, the Sex Pistols, and Queen. Through more than 250 images from his vast archive, follow Mick from Queen’s watershed gig in London, through to the legendary free concert in Hyde Park. Fascinating anecdotes on his time with the group provide a comprehensive portrait of one of the world’s great bands at a pivotal time in their career.

Queen: The Ultimate Illustrated History of the Crown Kings of Rock

Year: 2009

Author: Phil Sutcliffe

Publisher: Voyageur Press Inc. (1 Oct 2009)

ISBN: 9780760337196

Price: £12.94

Details: 288 pages, From running a market stall in Notting Hill, Freddie Mercury put together a band that became a legend - Queen! Renowned for stunning live performances, envied for unbelievable rock 'n' roll excesses, and loved and adored all over the world for their music they are the greatest rock band of all time, with over 300 million records, singles, videos, DVDs sold to date. Nearly twenty years after the death of flamboyant front man Mercury, Queen remain what they were - the archetypal, larger-than-life rock band, enthroned as music royalty for ever, and this book is the ultimate visual tribute to them. Glorious concert and off-stage photography covering the band's whole career, tour memorabilia, collectible LPs, singles from throughout the world - over 500 photos and artefacts in all - are accompanied by a band history, album reviews, complete tour dates, discography, reflections from some of rock's top performer's past and present. Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor, and john Deacon combined to a dazzling array of influences and genres in creating what would become one of the most lasting legacies in rock, and this book captures it in glorious, larger-than-life detail.

Is This the Real Life?: The Untold Story of Queen

Year: 2010

Author: Mark Blake

Publisher: Aurum Press Ltd (25 Oct 2010)

ISBN: 9781845135973

Price: £10.89

Details: 384 pages; Queen's success in the 1970s was accompanied by a taste for musical and non-musical excess.Is This the Real Life? draws on eyewitness testimonies--former producers and managers, ex-girlfriends and boyfriends--to create a complete picture of one of the world's most ambitiously driven rock bands at work and at play. Revealing Queen's complex dynamic, Blake also explores how Freddie Mercury's sexuality alienated some of the band's fan base, how they reinvented themselves by morphing from hard rock to pop, and how they saw out their final years as Mercury became one of the most successful rock stars in the world.

Is This the Real Life? looks beyond Queen's public persona to shed light on the legendary band's four wildly divergent personalities, particularly lead singer Freddie Mercury's.

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